Downtown L.A.
As a photographer, I am amazed at the beauty which surrounds us in most unlikely places. The Metrorail photographs were taken at the Hollywood construction site above and below Hollywood Boulevard. They illustrate the workers involved in the construction and their working environment. Linking the communities of Los Angeles together through building underground tunnels entails laborious work. These men and women are often subjected to extremely dirty conditions. Their efforts are done in order to lessen the congestion of our roads and highways, expedite travel time and clean our polluted air. My photographs depict the human emotions of the workers, and their environment.

The underground tunnels change as construction progresses. White plastic lining against the tunnel walls, metal rebar woven next to the liner, and the cement arch form are distinguishing features that add to the dramatics of the photos.

As a photographer, I am always looking for the unique and interesting. I have photographed in Bodie California, many sites in Los Angeles and also in the neighboring city of Pasadena, which hosts the world famous Rose Bowl Flea Market.

There you can find the exquisite and the unusual merchandise. If you're not into accumulating more "treasures', it's worth it just to go people watching and you will find many unique photo opportunities. You'll mingle with ordinary folks as well as the rich and famous.

After completing the Hollywood Metro Subway Construction Project I am now photographing the world of motorcycle riders. Most of my portraits are of Harley Davidson riders. Last year I was a participant on the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Ride Home (Southwest Tour). I began at Las Vegas and concluded in Milwaukee. My traveling companion was Kin One from Beijing China. He describes himself as the Willie Davidson of China where he owns a H.D. Dealership. We made the trip back to Milwaukee together where we met many new friends along the way. Also on the Southwest tour was the Davidson family, which made the trip ever so special to me. I enjoy meeting new friends and learning about different lifestyles and cultures of the people I meet on my photographic projects.

I frequently visit the Rock Store (Café & motorcycle hang out) where I have photographed many times but also enjoy attending yearly biker events from the Love Ride, Redwood Run, Hollister, Laughlin Run, etc and many charity rides. I hope to attend Sturgis and some east coast biker events in the near future.

Soon I plan to add some more photos on the different biker events and have a web page from the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration. I hope you will enjoy my artwork and receive as much pleasure and enlightment as I did.

I hope my photographs give you an insight into the many treasures and surprises that can be found on a visit to the Rose Bowl Flea Market as well as a trip on the Metrorail subway. We are surrounded by a world of beauty in the most unlikely places.

Metro Red Line Subway
Harley Davidson
Pasadena Rose Bowl

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